Professional Experience Within
  • Medical Affairs

  • Medical Directors

  • Physicians

  • Science and Technology

  • Research and Development

  • Clinical

  • Bioinformatics / Informatics

  • Staff through Executive placement

  • Global expertise within the U.S. Europe and Far East

  • On site recruitment tailored to individual firms requirements

Welcome to The RKP GROUP Global Retained and Contingency Search



The RKP Group leverages off it's scientific and account executive recruiting experience.

This working knowledge allows us to search and recruit the best scientific talent for the positions available. We interview candidates on three levels: Scientific Knowledge, Research Accomplishments, and Personal Goals. Manager candidates will have an interview process which covers managerial skill sets.

Global Search and Recruitment
We work as a Preferred Supplier to some of the major multinational companies, including many smaller companies, based in Europe, USA and Asia. Our services are provided either on a retained search basis or on a contingency search basis.

Professional Search Programs

Exclusives - dedicated search within a set time

Retained - dedicated search with a guarantee

Contingency and specialities within that can include special effort